Wham! It’s the Weekend

We were together. I forget the rest. ~ Walt Whitman

It’s the end of a very long week. The British Hubby is still recovering from his nasty cold. The day job has kept me extremely busy. I’m an introvert that has a very extroverted job. Some weeks that really takes its toll. To celebrate surviving another week, the British Hubby and I celebrated with a Wham! dance party. Nothing says it’s the weekend like George Michael. Okay, maybe there are better ways to start this weekend, but we couldn’t think of any. Image result for wham! free

Tonight, I started a two week hot yoga/sauna challenge. This month I’ve slipped back into old habits. I’m not working out and work stress has me eating carbs again. This is day 1 on my road back healthy eating. 010.JPGBurt was unimpressed with the 80’s dance party or healthy living unless it involves sleeping.

Hope your weekend if off to a great start.

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