Second Anniversary

The best is yet to come.

731 days ago, I started this blog. The goal was to track my progress on completing the massive amounts of knitting wips. I made good progress, and I started many more. There have been sock knitting competitions, bold Betties, mystery knit alongs, hot yoga/sauna quests, book reviews, Ural adventures, low carb cooking experiments, movie nights, weaving classes, conspiracies, moon light runs, successes in smoking, the year of no faffing, the year of outdoor adventure and the year of mystery, intrigue and world domination. Here’s a link to my very first post. I planned to take a group photo of the wips I’m working on, but naturally there was a thunderstorm tonight. This is from my very first post.IMG_0076We’ve seen the kitties grow and change. They’ve added bird watching to their new hobbies. IMG_0022

I’m excited to see what the next year brings. Thanks for following my journey.

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