Mystery & Intrigue in Knitting: Clue 3 Japanese Short Rows

Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known? ~Charles de Lint

February 14, I started a mystery knit along. As 2018 is the year of Mystery, Intrigue and World Domination, this seemed appropriate. I’m stretching my comfort zone knitting a project without knowing what the finished item will look like. Not surprising, I’m running behind from the official mkal. I just finished clue 3. 011I’ve done short rows before. Remember all those Aviatrix hats? That uses short rows, but the wrap and turn variety. This was my first experience using Japanese short rows. I think this is my new favorite short row technique. The finished look is flawless and it’s easier to execute. I’m going to need to pick up more locking stitch markers along with a longer needle for this project. It’s hard to tell by the photo, but there are 382 stitches squished on there. 006.JPGI’m also excited to announce my first completed wip for April. It’s the first of my Bold Betty projects. This was a fantastic yarn to knit with. The speckles make this hat interesting. I’m excited to give this to my coworker. It has started to warm up here, but since this is a light weight hat it’s perfect for those chilly mornings. I will be making this pattern again for myself. 022Today, we received our pre-treatment checklist for when Ernie becomes radioactive. I’ve been trying not to think about this appointment, but in just 9 days and 6 hours Ernie gets chemo for kitties. I may have shed a few tears when I read the email. I’m going to miss our snuggly kitty while he’s away. This weekend we will be doing some prep work for his stay in the nuclear ward. He can’t take any toys or blankies from home, but we can leave him a kitty care package with all his favorite foods and treats.

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