The Predator

“I ain’t got time to bleed…” Predator

I understand from the British Hubby, who knows of such things, a new teaser trailer for The Predators 2018 was released this week. No doubt we will watch this when it comes out. Maybe in this movie the Predators will wear hand knitted items? I wonder if it’ll be hats, sweaters, mittens or scarves? Given they have a very non-yarn friendly occupation, Mr. Predator would be hard to knit for. The last thing Mrs. Predator wants is her talon-friendly knitted items splattered with blood and ruined. Any self-respecting Mrs. Predator would not let Mr. Predator out on his alien jaunts without suitable attire for whatever he may face. These blood red socks might just be the ticket. You could never hide the stains in white socks. 006This is the next pattern in my Stitch Sprouts class. My Maackii socks would be perfect for Mr. Predator. The pattern is easy enough to memorize once passed the Twisted Rib cuffs. These are my first completely Twisted Rib. I’ve done half twisted rib where just the knitted stitches are twisted. Twisting purl stitches is not that much fun. I’m pacing myself on sock number two with just one cuff round daily. Hopefully I’m not still working on these in September when The Predators hits the big screen. 002

Burt’s guarding these to make sure Mr. Predator doesn’t snatch them.

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