A Stein Full of Tea

We can do life alone, but it’s more fun if we do it together. 

Traditionally steins are used for beer or lager, but sometimes one just needs a stein full of tea. For the past decade, my mom has been sending me a box of my old items she wants out of the house. Items from my Midwestern past randomly show up at my door. This stein arrived in one of these surprise packages. 001I could use the stein for Guinness, but I think it works better for tea. The thick stein keeps the tea warm for quite some time. It looks great with the almond tart and my new yarn purchase. 005The Nifty Knitter is moving to a bigger location. I’m doing my bit to help them stash more stars to make the new space nice and cozy. The top prize is a year of free yarn. I can’t think of a better prize. My newly acquired yarn is for dishcloths and socks. The lovely purple gradient was too pretty to pass up. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. If you have ideas, please leave them in the comments. The store will ship yarn world wide if you see something you can’t live without. 006While I was yarn shopping, the British Hubby brought home treats from the British pantry. He loves a good pastie (not a nipple cover for ladies). Our dinner tonight is steak and mushroom pasty along with a Scottish drink, drambuie with hard cider. Not exactly carb free, I know. I suspect the old lady digestion is not going to be happy with the pastie for dinner. Next time, the British Hubby can eat both. 011

Gracie is sleeping off her pain meds. She’s taken to hiding when she thinks it’s time for another dose. I guess she’s not going to become addicted.

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