Sprouting up Socks

It’s going to be a knock your socks of thing. 

I love hand knit socks. I love that I can tailor them to fit my feet. I love how warm and squishy they are during the rainy season. I love all the bright colors. When I saw socks were part of my Stitch Sprout class, I was really excited. I love making socks! I’ve finished one sock already. 008That earned me these two more lovely badges for turning a heel and kitchener stitch. I’m so close to having sock number two completed. Yep, I’m at the kitchener stitch on that one. You can just barely see the needles blending in with the grass. Maybe I be able to complete it during the next World Cup match. 010This is great practice for Tour de Sock. What is Tour de Sock (TDS) you say? It’s an International sock knitting competition based off of the stages of Tour de France. After expenses, all the money is donated to Doctors Without Borders. So far over $47,000 has been donated. You can check out their website here or the Ravelry group. There’s still time to register. The day job prevents me from being a competitive sock knitter. (That sentence made me giggle!) This means I don’t join a team, but I love to watch the competition unfold each stage. Some days I’ve barely printed the pattern before there’s a completed sock! I think maybe people can sleep knit. 006Gracie’s sleeping off her last dose of pain meds. We’re debating if they made her more pleasant.

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