Pool Play Comes to an End

 Football is the ballet of the masses. – Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich


Today was the last day of pool play in the World Cup. I’ll admit I’m going to miss multiple games every day. There were some great matches. Some matches were so exciting, I couldn’t even knit! Some unexpected wins. And some teams I thought would advance to the next round aren’t. Exciting stuff! 005Since I’ve been getting up extra early to catch the matches live, I’ve had some extra knitting time. I’ve made some amazing progress the past 10 days. I have a finished pair of socks from my Stitch Sprouts class. 003.JPGAnd these amazingly cute crabby dishcloths. I’m working on cloth number three. Aren’t they adorable? 002I’m making steady progress on my 1500 yards of adventure knitting. That’s 14 inches of stockinette stitch finished. It does seem a little bit like this color will never end. Maybe on our next Ulysses adventure I’ll get to the first purple section. 007My summer linen wrap seems like it’s growing faster. It’s just an illusion. Stripped projects always seem to go a bit quicker. I’m working on the third contrasting color stripe. I also started a few new projects, but I’ll save those details for another post. 16 teams left. Is your favorite team still in it? Have you surmised which two teams will be in the final? Will there be more upsets? Ernie’s catching up on his sleeps before the knock out rounds start.

2 thoughts on “Pool Play Comes to an End

  1. Those crabby cloths are adorbs!
    How is your linen project working out as a knit? I just finished my first linen weaving project, it was interesting! I love the fabric when it’s done, but it’s kinda tough while your working… am I right?


  2. I can’t get enough of these crabby cloths. I see several more in my future.
    What did you weave? I bet it’s amazing. I’m having a difficult time keeping my tension the same especially on the edges. I’m hoping that won’t be noticeable when I wear it.


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