World Cup Finale

Sometimes a journey can take you to a place that is not on any map.

Yesterday, was the final match for the World Cup. Congratulations to France. It was a little disappointing that England wasn’t in the final, but I must admit the British Hubby and I did not expect them to get into the semi finals. This was an exciting month of futball (or footy as it’s called at our house). I’m always a little depressed when the World Cup comes to an end. Even more depressing, my vacation from the day job came to an end. I had to go back to work this morning. 002I was able to read, knit and snuggle the kitties. It was great. I started running again and even managed hot yoga in the mornings.  I had time to go to the yarn store. My purchases are above. (Yes, three out of four skeins are Malabrigo.) I think the heat is making me ready for Fall. All the Autumnal colors were calling to me. 004I also made great progress on my Summer Linen Wrap. I’ve started the decreases. The edging is a bit tighter than I was expecting, but I think it will be okay. This is going to turn out rather big. 006Ernie missed out on snuggles. He’s helping me edit the blog. He suggests more posts about tuna. 009

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