TDS: Stage Two

Fun socks make happy feet.

Stage two of TDS ends today. It was a lovely cable pattern. I made numerous sock purchases when I was on my wild west yarn tour in May. Remember these: A Fist Full of Yarn, For a Few Skeins More, The Sock, The Shawl and The Hat? Currently, there are approximately 500 completed socks for stage two. I find this hilarious since I’m on the first cable repeat on sock one. You can just make out the first cable on TDS 6.2.18. Good thing I’m not racing. 001Here’s a group photo of my TDS socks so far. Remember, I’m working on wips when I don’t love the TDS pattern. That’s right, I still need to kitchener stitch sock number two closed. It’s been far too hot for socks right now. I’ll get it finished before the rain starts again. 004Since it was a bit cooler, I’ve noticed a few more birds about. This afternoon I caught Burt using a bag full of yarn to stalk a bird on the feeder. He’s such a fierce predator blending in with yarn.

Stage three starts late this evening. It has beads! I love a sock with a little bling. I bet there’s at least one pair of completed socks tomorrow before I finish work at the day job.

Happy sock knitting!

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