The Haze Days of Summer

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart. ~ Celia Thaxter

Have I mentioned the PNW is having the hottest summer on record? Our grass is crunchy, my skin is dry and now we have smog from forest fires. The British Hubby and I have lived through forest fires from the Santa Ana Winds during our Southern California years. It always makes me sad to hear of forest fire destruction. This week we’ve had slightly cooler temperatures because of the smoky conditions from blazes in Washington state. You can check out all the fires burning in the US on this map001My lys, Nifty Knitter, moved into their new shop. They have so much more yarn! In August they’re doing Grand Opening Bingo. Naturally, I’m going to see how many stamps I can earn. The above purchases have earned me two so far. I’m sure you’re not surprised to see some Malabrigo in the middle. 004Lichen and Lace is a yarn new to me. The yarn above is superwash merino worsted in color Orchid. It reminds me of noosa yogurts or a bit like raspberries and cream. Clearly, this skein spoke to me. Leaving it at the store wasn’t an option. I have no idea what it’s going to become. Maybe a hat or fingerless gloves or mittens? I’m sort of thinking fingerless gloves, but I don’t have a pattern in mind yet. 003I have seen Wonderland Yarns before, but I always fall for sparkles. The bundle is Opposites Attract. The Opposites Attract collection of patterns highlights the bundle. I’m planning to make Quite the Opposite once I finish a project or two. I’m having a seriously difficult time not casting on the things right now. I’m sure this is going to become a wip very soon.


I claim this box in the name of Burt Supreme Ruler of All Boxes!


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