Celebrating Life

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. ~ Will Rogers

I’m back to celebrating life on both Friday and Sunday nights. I would like to say I had a fantastic weekend, but the day job kept me pretty busy both days. I did manage to make it to my LYS twice! Yesterday, the British Hubby surprised me with yarn for a sweater! (Stay tuned for more details later on in the month.) Today, I had a complete impulse purchase with a gleener, but it fit with my monochromatic purchase theme. And a felted octopus little clutch. Doesn’t it remind you a bit of the Nightmare Before Christmas?  And a hand made card. I’m always on the look out for cards that express just how much I love the British Hubby. (I especially love ones with puns.) IMG_20180909_1801229Tonight’s celebration is bubbles with a wee shot of Drambuie. I’m probably going to regret this in the morning when my alarm goes off to run, but I’m certainly enjoying it tonight. Along with my cheeseburger salad.

The British Hubby has declared Sunday Korean film night. Tonight we’re watching,Asura: City of Madness. 021

Fingers crossed this isn’t another week of drive by postings. I sort of miss Conspiracy Thursday. I sort of suspect it might be, but I’m remaining naively optimistic.


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