Conspiracy Thursday: Illuminati

Illuminati: The puppet masters to all that is wrong with the world.

This week, we’re back to Parcast for no TV Thursday. I’ve talked about the Illuminati before. I felt this conspiracy was worth another look. After all, the Illuminati are the Godfather of all conspiracies.

Image result for illuminateThe first episode deals mostly with the historical facts of the origin of the Illuminati. I’ve also found two interesting articles on by National Geographic and the other by the Encyclopedia Britannica. From a historical perspective, the start of the Illuminati is fascinating. It does sort of seem like the start was just a rival club to the Free Masons. Sort of like rival knitting circles. What would rival knitting circles look like? Lace knitters vs. bulky weight knitters? Sock knitters that use dpns vs. magic loop? 005Cat Secrete Society Conspiracy: Sock club. The first rule: You do not meow about sock club. The second rule: You do not meow about sock club. The third rule: If this is your first time, you must bring your own sock.

It’s almost the weekend! Count down to Cheep and Cheerful. 


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