Space Godzilla and the Rowbutts

“He looks mad.” quote for Godzilla

Along with Cheep and Cheerful, Friday night is Godzilla movie night. Last week we took a detour to watch Rodan. This week it’s Invasion of Astro-Monster. This movie was made during the heart of the Space Race in the ’60’s. It seems only natural there would be a space exploration movie that includes planet X. I think perhaps this would be Benders favorite movie. After all it is about killing all the humans. Probably not as it turns out love is more powerful than machines.

projrctorImage result for godzilla vs astro monster


Turns out Ghidorah retreated to planet x or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe. Rodan and Godzilla are kidnapped by the people of planet x only to be subjected to mind control by computers. I suspect Rodan and Godzilla are really sad about living on a planet with no sheep or fiber creating animals. How will they get more yarn? Image result for godzilla vs astro monster

Look at how Godzilla jumps for joy when he finds his favorite yarn on sale! Or maybe he’s thinking about how exciting it would be if I ever finished a project. 001Tonight’s version of Cheep and Cheerful is a local rose cider. It’s lovely along with some garlic cheddar cheese curds. It’s even lovely when this is accompanied with some knitting time. I’m making progress on my Sunshine Pebble dishcloth.

003I think the only way Ernie would handle space is if there were snuggles. 006

It’s Korean movie night. Tonight we’re watching Lucky-Key. It’s hilarious so far.




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