Conspiracy Thursday: High Octane Tea

Where there’s hope there ‘s tea. ~ Arthur Wing Pinero

I often peruse the tea isles for new products. Last week, I stumbled upon Zest Tea. It’s high octane tea. They claim their tea has more caffeine than coffee with none of coffee’s side effects. 002I think the coffee cartel forced the taciturn tea tableau (Triple-Tea for short) to conceal the true amount of caffeine in tea. This lie has gone on long enough. Zest Tea is breaking the Tea Taboo. Will other tea conglomerates follow or will they be squeezed out like a used tea bag? 004Did I mention all the health benefits tea drinkers imbibe? Have you ever heard a tea drinker complain about a headache or have the jitters? And let’s not forget, wars have been fought over tea. Above is my t-shirt.  Image result for quotes about drinking teaAnd there’s even a Tea-Rex (the King of Teas). I suspect the coffee cartel is keeping this tea conspiracy under wraps to fuel the coffee addiction. I’m pretty sure the next time I’m abducted, it will be by the coffee cartel for blowing the lid off this caffeine conspiracy. Just imagine how much knitting time I’ve missed out on!

(P.S. There are 92 T’s in this post).





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