Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. ~ W.J. Cameron

As I sat down to write a blog post today, I really had no clue what I wanted to blog about.  I started by taking a mental inventory of the past few days and weeks. I quickly realized  how grumpy and angry I’ve been at life. I’m still ridiculously busy at the day job (I’m starting to day dream about becoming a barista). Currently, the British Hubby is still employed, but we have no idea for how long. And the political scene in America is a powder keg! Image result for Thanksgiving imagesAll that was going through my head, and then I realized Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s so easy to focus on all the crumminess in the world, but is it really all directed at me? Okay, sure it may feel like it some days, but it’s not and perhaps I should focus on all the amazing things going on in my life when I’m not completely exhausted.

I am a cat mom to three amazing kitties. Sure, this morning they tested my resolve when I was cleaning up a furball and trying to get out the door. Then they all decided to switch bowls at breakfast, but that’s part of being a cat mom. All those purrs and snuggles have no strings attached. Sure, the photo below conveys thoughts of murder and not snuggles, but that’s part of the feline magic.


Gracie’s practicing for Halloween. Here’s her pizza impersonation.

I have an amazing spouse that has been putting up with my prickliness for the past few months. October is Halloween Horror Movie Month. So far we’ve watched:

The British Hubby is tremendously supportive of my crafting and yarn acquisitions. He gets just as many yarn/knitting emails as I do. He’s also very supportive when I suggest poke n’ ping for dinner so we can watch a movie and knit. Here’s my latest Pebble Dishcloth. 005I’m not sure if I should count eating carbs as a blessing, but check out the new version of stuffed crust pizza we found. It has a cheese and bacon crust!  002How was your Canadian Thanksgiving? Did it contain carbs or a fluffy pizza impersonation?



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