G Rated Godzilla

The road to success is always under construction. ~ Lilly Tomlin

About four months ago, The British Hubby and I started watching Godzilla movies on a Friday the 13th. We haven’t even made a dent in the Godzilla movie anthology. This week’s movie was All Monster’s Attack. It was themed more for Godzilla fans aged in the single digits.

projrctorAll Monsters Attack Poster

Minya, Godzilla’s son, had a feature role in this movie. Trailer

It wasn’t my favorite Godzilla movie we’ve watched so far, but I’m also not the target audience. It was a still fun Friday night movie. The British Hubby has been experimenting with our movie food. A few weeks ago, we had batch of jalapeno poppers that were too spicy for us. We started with large portobello mushrooms, added garlic and butter and cheese at the end. I think bacon pieces would be an excellent addition. IMG_20181012_1242078.jpgIt was especially tasty with this week’s Cheep and Cheerful. I’ve been on a cider kick lately. Cider feels very autumnal to me. IMG_20181014_0949582.jpgSoon the holiday season will be upon us. One of my amazing followers, sent me a link for these Holiday Cards. I like to hand write and address all my Christmas cards. This means, I don’t send the same message to 100 of my closets friends and family. Let’s face it, The British Hubby and I really are not that close to 100 different people. I like to think that makes the few cards I send out that much more special. 006.JPGMovies with subtitles are great for working on simple projects. I have two scarves in progress. Polished Purl and Arctic Shadow are the same pattern. Fingers crossed this blocks out okay. IMG_20181013_1630520This is Ernie’s favorite way to watch all movies. You can’t really tell from the photo that Ernie’s head is maybe five inches from my face.

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