Korean Movie Night

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” Forest Gump

Before Halloween Horror Month, the British Hubby and I would watch a Korean movie on Sunday nights. Last week, we started watching an actual show instead of a movie. Black defies traditional genre labels. Is it a musical? Is it a sci-fi? Is it a detective soap opera? After four episodes, we have no idea. 

Isn’t that top Frankenstein cloth great! 

I’ve been working on some dishcloths during Korean movie night. I’ve managed to finish quite a few. Some will go into my kitchen and some will go into the gift bin. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about properly baking or cooking. My day job has kept me so busy, I simply haven’t had the extra time. Here’s one of our favorite breakfast casserole’s. This version has apple chicken sausages. We prefer the British sausages, but the store was all out. 

It’s especially good with a mimosa. I love days off when I can have a drink at brunch. 

It’s the snuggling time of year!

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