Conspiracy Thursday: Turkey

Gratitude turns what we already have into enough. ~ Melody Beattie

Today is American Thanksgiving. Every year it seems like the entire month of November is more and more commercialized with less and less gratitude. The real story here is the forgotten fowl feud. That’s right the conspiracy between poultry farmers. Chickens versus turkeys.

Related image

I imagine it goes about like the final shoot out scene in Once Upon a Time in the West. 

Are they trying to dominate holiday dinners? Are they trying to wipe out the competition? Is the age old question about snoods or combs being better? (Snoods are the fleshy part from the beak to the neck in a turkey. Combs are on chicken heads.) 

This year we steered clear of this fowl feud by eating taco salad with minced beef. It’s accompanied by a low-carb pumpkin cheesecake with a coconut crust. Can’t forget our Thanksgiving Day Western Movie Marathon. 

Accompanied by a new cast on! 

The kitties celebrated with a fishy treat.

Sardines! I think these canned delights went down better than tuna. 

Regardless if today is a holiday you celebrate, one should always find time for gratitude. Thanks for following my blog and my journey through life. 

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