Craftvent Day 6

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. ~ Dalai Lama 

Do you have any knitting rituals? Maybe you have a  favorite chair with the best support and lighting? Maybe you set up your space with a snack and a beverage? Do you knit and contemplate the meaning of life? Maybe you listen to an audio book or follow a podcast? Or perhaps you prefer to binge watch a TV show or a favorite movie.

I imbibe tea all year round. I even find ways to use tea in cocktails. This time of year, I drink pots full of tea to keep warm. Tiger eye is one of my all time favorite blends. I have it on auto ship so I get a new batch every three months. I suspect I’m going to be drinking copious amounts of tiger eye tea to finish Craftvent 2018. 

I love the yarn in Clue #5. It’s such a stunning blue. I see more of it in my near future. Maybe I should start with the pattern first. If you have suggestions, put them in the comments section below. 

Clue #6 hinted at yet another new yarn. How could it top the glitter from day 3 or the stunning beauty of day 5? Black yarn with lace knitting is hard on the eyes, but it turns out amazing. Here’s the list of yarns used so far: 

It’s Sunday which means Asian movie. We’re on episode six of Black. Last week, we went to a holiday chorale performance which was lovely, but it didn’t leave time for Asian movie night. We still don’t have a grasp on the plot line, but I have a favorite character, the rapper grim reaper. 

Ernie does not want to be a reindeer. I guess he won’t be helping Santa pull his sled this year. 

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