Mothra: Guardian of the Earth

You have your fear, which might become reality; and you have Godzilla, which is reality. ~ Lt. Hideto Ogata Godzilla 1954

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Friday night is Godzilla movie night. Next is the 1992 version of Godzilla vs. Mothra. The movies are starting to have more CG special effects. So far, models are still being used and destroyed. In this movie we learn more about Mothra. It turns out Mothra has an evil twin Battra. Both Mothra and Battra are guardians of the earth. Battra views humans as a blight to the plant that must be destroyed. Sometimes, I think Battra might have the right idea about humanity. Below is Battra as a larva and full grown.

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Mothra is one of my favorite Godzilla movie monsters. The Cosmos sing and Mothra comes to their rescue. It’s like a musical monster movie.

Fortunately, Battra and Mothra join forces to prevent Godzilla from destroying Japan.

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If only society would heed Mothra and Battra’s message to take care of planet earth. Mothra saves the planet from the meteorite on a path to collide with earth.

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Subtitles mean a simple knit. My Plum Biased Wrap is the perfect project for Godzilla movies. I can manage about six rows during a full length movie.On US 2 needles, that doesn’t add much length so I’ve decided not to measure the wrap again until I start skein two. The first skein is getting smaller. There are 13.30 grams left.

How do I not have a Godzilla figure to use to gauge size?

My Friday night cheep and cheerful was from a local cider maker. In the Fall, I found an amazing blood orange cider. While great on tap, I was searching for a way to enjoy it at home. The first option I found was to buy a growler. Sadly, I don’t drink enough to enjoy that much cider before it goes flat and then becomes a very sweet wine.

Gracie may look like she’s sleeping, but she’s ready for a Godzilla attack.

Just 138 days and 7 hours until the new Godzilla movie. It won’t be long until we’re in double digits.

2 thoughts on “Mothra: Guardian of the Earth

  1. Blood orange cider sounds delicious. When we go out for movies at our favorite theater, cider is my go to.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get your video to play. I love that scene.

    Your shawl is looking very Mothra the way you have it hanging there.

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