Icicles & Craftvent Day 19

The fire of purpose easily melts the icicles of obstacles. ~ Alan Cohen

Yesterday, a winter storm moved through the PNW. It dumped large amounts of snow and left us with below freezing temperatures. I woke up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s -10 in Celsius. Sure, the Midwest was colder last week, but it’s still rather cold for an area that’s not flat nor is it equipped to handle harsh winter weather.

The poor hummingbird couldn’t eat this morning as the feeder was frozen, but we have seen lots of other birds today.

That means day two working from home for the British Hubby and myself. The kitties are enjoying the extra snuggles on these cold days.

More snuggles!

Snuggles and knitting are perfect companions. I’ve had a chance to finish another clue on Craftvent 2018. While I would love drawer 19 to contain a dehydrated kitten, but I suspect it’s going to be more yarn.

Indeed, drawer 19 does contain yarn. More speckles.

Not needing to commute or chat with my boss and coworkers, has provided me with some extra time to knit and cook. Over the past year, I’ve been signing up for low-carb recipes. My favorite high carb foods are the hardest to pass-up week after week. I was excited when this pizza breakfast casserole recipe showed up in my inbox. Super easy and quick to make.

Browning the mushrooms was the most difficult cooking task. This was a winner hot. Heated up as luke-warm leftovers was even better. It tastes exactly like cold pizza. Day old pizza is the best part of making pizza. One would never know it’s an egg dish. Amazing!

This is bound to be a favorite meal. Does this count as a breakfast tart?

It’s not often I get to see icicles as part of the sunrise. Stunning.

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