From Grandma with Love

No one ever finds life worth living – one has to make it worth living.
– Winston Churchill

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of my Grandma passing. I spent many happy afternoons at my Grandma’s house canning and learning how to bake. I still make her gumdrop cookie recipe every year at the holidays. It’s one of our favorites. I have a favorite quilt made by my Grandma that is very dear to me. Naturally, when this knit along (kal) was announced I thought about my very special Grandma.

What could be better than having a new blanket after 12 months of knitting? I can’t wait to have a new blanket in remembrance of my Grandma. We’re making a Melanie Berg pattern, From Grandma with Love. I went for Jimmy’s choice. Purple wins every time. I know you’re probably thinking why would I sign up for another KAL when Craftvent 2018 is still a wip? What can I say, it’s the year of the Tart. I thought I should go for it.

Burt’s given it his seal of approval.

The first yarn in the January box is Mad Tosh Sport in color Dustweaver. It’s a lovely gray/neutral with hints of pink and purple.

The meltdown has begun, but it’s not enough yet for us to get out. As you can see, there’s still a great deal of snow about. It’s looking likely that the British Hubby and I will be home bound for at least one more day.

In honor of my grandma’s passing, I made a low carb cheese cake. I love the coconut bottom. Check out those berries!

Doesn’t Burt look grumpy? I think he’s tired of snow.

Burt thinks its too chilly for snow walking. Stay warm and safe. Shoveling snow has interfered with Conspiracy Thursday. They’ll be back once Spring arrives.

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