Tokyo SOS

No human should touch the souls of the dead.

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Friday night’s are special at our house. It’s Godzilla movie night. ROAAARRRRRR! Last week, we saw humans create a half robot half Godzilla creation. The abomination was Mechagodzilla. Godzilla: Tokyo SOS was a continuation of this story.

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Godzilla attacks, but let’s be honest he’s probably really just pissed off that his ancestors bones were used to create a robot.

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Mothra comes to protect humanity from Godzilla and to urge humans to return Mechagodzilla to the sea.

Mothra is one of our favorite Godzilla monsters. I love it when the fairies sing to bring Mothra. This movie was one of our top five favorites. It has the right blend of story and action with a fantastic ending and stunt scenes. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth watching.

It was a grueling week at the day job. This week’s Cheep and Cheerful was one of my favorite tea blends, Primetime.

Bulky knits are great for reading subtitles. I’m making progress on Teal Feather Gluhwein. Naturally, I had to cast on a new project for Malabrigo March. I think this is project number nine so far this month. Here’s the start of Perky Little Camaleon. I just might manage to finish one of these during the next Godzilla movie.

The birthday treats continue for the kitties. Their meowbox arrived today. Look at all their new toys. A rain themed box is very fitting for the PNW.

The new Godzilla movie is just 74 days and 16 hours away!

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