International Day of Happiness

For every minute you remain angry, you give up 60 seconds of happiness.

I was planning to post a book review today. Then I discovered March 20 is International Day of Happiness. The world needs more happiness so I decided to share this with my dear followers. The Day of Happiness was established by the United Nations in 2012. You can read more about the history here. This year’s theme is Happiness Together. Focusing on what we have in common instead of what divides us.

CFP: Translating Happiness: Medicine, Culture and ‘Social Progress’ | h-madness

In this digital age of click bait, news bites, tweets and the ever changing scene of social media, negativity and sensationalism is all around us. We can actively choose to not engage with all the negativity. Sometimes that simply means choosing not to let a coworkers attitude/mood ruin my day.

What’s your definition of happiness? – Psych Connection

Choosing to focus on happiness today, completely changed my outlook on life. It was fantastic. I need to do this daily not just once a year.

Can’t wait to get back in the saddle!

The British Hubby and my kitties provide so much happiness in my life. The British Hubby is supportive of all my crafting pursuits. He understands my desire to cast on all the things during Malabrigo March and not cook dinner. He helps me pick out colors and patterns. Did I mention he’s my partner in crime for all our outdoor Ulysses adventures?

Image result for funny knitting

The kitties bring me so happiness and joy. Sure, they have far too much bodily fluid for such small creatures, but I also get endless amounts of snuggles from Ernie, Burt and Gracie. (Gracie is working up to snuggles. She does provide endless grumpy death stares.)

Oh my, look at how adorable little Gracie is. Doesn’t that make you happy?

How’s your week going? What brings you happiness?

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