Godzilla Meets Mutants and the Matrix

Our strength grows out of our weakness. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wow, I thought last week was long. This week was even longer. March is traditionally a very busy month at the day job. This month has been especially challenging. Friday night’s Godzilla movie was one of the highlights this week, and I may have ordered more yarn.

Godzilla Final Wars Blu-ray Review - DoBlu.com

Godzilla: Final Wars was the next movie on our list. It was an interesting interpretation. I actually think I enjoyed the American Godzilla movie more. (Remember, Godzilla visits NYC?) It feels a bit like the director took popular scenes from several other movies at the time, put them all in one movie and added some monsters. If you’re looking for a Japanese version of the Xmen and the Matrix that also has aliens and monsters, than this is the movie for you.

Godzilla Final Wars

There is no shortage of monsters that make an appearance in this movie. This doesn’t even show them all.

Monster Movie Reviews - Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) - YouTube

I wasn’t a fan of this movie, but there was one scene I loved. Milina, little Godzilla, riding in a truck wearing a seat belt.

IMCDb.org: 1988 Honda Acty SDX in "Gojira: Fainaru uôzu, 2004"

This week, I continued with the bulky knits. I finished Perky Little Camaleon. Since I went down a few needle sizes, I thought 40 stitches would have created a hat too small for my head. Fifty stitches was much too big. If you’re interested in a new hat, comment below.

Moving on to my next knitting faux-pas, my Teal Feather Gluhwein rain out of yarn. I’m about 10 rows from the end. I did go up a needle size, but I didn’t think it would eat up that much additional yarn. I guess I’ll need to order another skein.

I did manage to start another project for Malabrigo March. I don’t have a project page yet, but the pattern is Inseparable. I’m using Pearl Ten.

Burt snuck into my seat during a tea break intermission. Sadly, Burt’s picked up a kitty virus. We’re going to keep a close eye on him for the next 24 hours. He’s currently sleeping under the bed. Fingers/paws crossed, he’ll feel better tomorrow without a trip to the vets.

Just a short 68 days and 7 hours before the new Godzilla movie!

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