Swatching It Up

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

Ever have one of those weeks when you wave at the 40 hours your supposed to work all week zoom right by and yet you’re still working? May is a tough month at the day job. Prepping so this month runs smoothly equates to not much knitting time. Remember when I said my goal was to complete eight Malabrigo March projects in April? Well, here’s the four I had completed from last month.

I am making progress on a few other projects. I’m going to aim for 8 projects completed again this month. I should probably lower my goal, but maybe just maybe I’ll hit it.

Of course my wip goal would be more obtainable if I stopped casting on projects. My LYS, was offering a custom fit sweater class. I really want to get to the point were I can make all my work cardigans. I’m a curvy lass so waist shaping is needed. My first attempt at sweater knitting didn’t go well. The sweater fit my bust, but was much too big every where else. My class is using Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit Patterns.

Can’t wait to start the actual sweater.

The British Hubby and I are trying out a new cooking rotation. We’re alternating weeks for meal planning and cooking. When it’s my turn, I’ve been trying out meals from Easy Keto Dinners. I can highly recommend the sloppy joes with broccoli slaw.


Hope your week is off to a great start.

Any day with kitty toe beans are a great day! Is’t Gracie adorable?

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