In the Beginning

Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure.

Today’s quote sums up my knitting philosophy to a tee. I admire crafters that only have a few projects on the go and see them to completion before casting on the next project. Knitting is my happy place. If casting on a new project makes me happy, that’s what I do. If working towards a completed project makes me happy, that’s what I do. Does that change from day to day and hour to hour? Absolutely. Life is just too short to stress out about knitting.

Sure, it makes it more challenging to complete projects when I keep casting on new ones. That said, I have another completed hat from MM 19. A few more projects are getting close. This project 1 completed for this month and 5/16 completed over all from March. I think I might like the second Field of Wildflowers hat even better than the first. It really shows off the color. I suspect this week, I might add a few new projects into the mix.

Even more exciting, I’ve started the main body of my first custom fit sweater. (Maybe next week, I’ll get a project page up.) For this first one, I’m going to be piecing it together. This first section is the back. I have about 20 more rows of stockinette before something exciting happens. And by exciting, I mean there’s a row when I place markers. Oh boy, stockinette is boring. Fortunately, the yarn I’m using isn’t so boring. You may notice that the two skeins aren’t quite the same. Lichen and Lace is a hand painted yarn. A few skeins were noticeably lighter. To create an even effect, I’m alternating skeins.

Wow, this meal looks sort of sad.

Last week, was my week to cook. I returned to my current favorite cook book, Easy Keto Dinners with Tandoori Chicken. The British Hubby and I enjoy Indian food. I even bought tandoori spice just for this recipe. Sadly, we didn’t careful this meal. We’ll try this spice on some BBQ.

This past month, Burt has started to take on Ernie’s traits. Burt has decided he needs daily tummy rubs. Just look at the soft belly.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

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