Conspiracy Thursday: Fishy Business

We’re going to need a bigger boat. ~ Jaws

Conspiracy Thursday (I know I’m a day late) has become one of my favorite blog topics. Jaws Day, July 4, is one of my favorite movie viewing celebrations. Imagine my excitement when the two days coincided. Nothing says conspiracy more than apple pie, summer dollars and a national holiday. The great tradition to distract the populous from what’s really going on.

This July 4, we spent some time traveling to see family. The audio book came in handy. One never knows what’s lurking in the water.

This conspiracy dates all the way back to when the first fish stepped onto land after evolving from primordial ooze. It’s seldom talked about, but they’re every where. Schools of fish control the world. It’s the original British Empire. Unseen undercurrents of fish travel the entire world going about their fishy business. Every where you go your dentist, restaurants, churches, day cares, pet stores, aquariums, Steven Spielberg made a movie about a killer fish and then Pixar made two movies about tropical fish. Think about all the ponds, rivers, lakes, streams and oceans with the billions of fish all conducting their ‘fishy business.’

We even eat fishy treats!

It took me quite a bit of internet research to find the etymology of fishy business. Of course, I found that very suspicious. The first recorded use is from 1840, but it’s believed the term dates back to the 1540s. There are so many sayings that refer to dodgy business. “He’s as slippery as an eel.” “He sleeps with the fishes.” “This deal smells fishy.”

Seriously, look at these tasty tropical treats. It’s world domination I tell you.

Is this evolution’s why of saying we’re really not that far removed from the sea? Or the UK’s attempt to secretly conquer the entire world? I don’t want to say it was aliens, but maybe this time it really was aliens.

Cat Conspiracy: Tuna is crack for cats. Does this mean the fish underworld control not just humans, but cats too?

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