The Artist Formally Known as Malabrigo March

To reach your goal, you have to get out of bed.

Today’s quote really sums up so much of life. More than half the battle is just showing up. For some people, just arriving on time is a challenge. If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you know my challenge is not casting on new projects especially during Malabrigo March. My challenge is to finish all the projects I’ve started. The British Hubby couldn’t believe I was still blogging about Malabrigo March in July. He named today’s post.

Last week, I was really excited to reach 50% complete for my MM19 projects. I was so excited I could sort of make out the blurry finish line if I squint and use binoculars. (Okay, I’m a long way off if I’m honest, but I was still very excited.) There are three new wips in the mix. Green with Envy, Washted Thermals and Don’t Separate Me from My Malabrigo are the newest MM19 to join my knitting rotation.

I’m making good progress on my rye sock and entralac project bag. I’m waiting until I’ve bound off the entralac project to pick out the lining fabric. With any luck, it might be this month.

This week, I tried to recreate my favorite breakfast omelette sans the hash-browns. I tried zoodles instead of hash-browns. It was good, but well not quite the same as hash-browns. Does one ever really get over their love affair of hash-browns?

Gracie has slowly started to become more social. We took Gracie in as a stray kitten. She still had blue eyes. She still sleeps under the bed, but now she’s started to sleep on the bed while I’m reading or knitting.

One thought on “The Artist Formally Known as Malabrigo March

  1. You’re doing so well on your projects! It’s amazing!
    I have a recipe for zucchini fritters if you want to try it! So tasty (but I think it uses a little flour so maybe you have an alternative?) Let me know! 😀

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