Labors of Love

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Labor laws are some of the most controversial laws ever created. They were created to protect workers from 12 hour days seven days a week. The first Labor Day was in 1882 according to the Department of Labor. Here’s a few interesting facts about this holiday you may or may not have known.

Safe working conditions is no laughing matter. There was a time when children were forced to work the same hours as adults. I’m also aware that I was fortunate to be born in a country that has labor laws in place. Many places in the world are not this fortunate. I honor those workers today with my baking and crafts.

With an extra day off, I managed to soak a few items today. Next week, I should have some glamour shots of a few items completely finished. That means I’m on target to finish all the MM19 in 2019. (I feel like I may have just jinxed myself by putting that last statement into the universe.) Dear followers, that would be a first in my knitting career.

The British Hubby has a terrible sweet tooth. He’s been on the hunt for desserts that are low in carbs and sugar, but high on taste. We tried a Keto and Company brownie mix. It has 1.1 net carbs per serving, and more importantly they taste like regular brownies. If you didn’t realize they were low carbs, you wouldn’t realize they weren’t regular high sugar brownies. We especially love these heated with some cream and a cuppa. This week I’ve added weight training into my workout routine. As we age, it’s important to keep our muscle’s strong and healthy.

Ernie’s idea of labor is allowing me to knit while we snuggle. He’s so thoughtful isn’t he.

Hope your Monday is going well.

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