Christmas in July: September Edition

No one has ever become poor by giving. ~ Anne Frank

Way back in July, I signed up for a dishcloth swap. I needed some inspiration for my kitchen dishcloths. My knitting was in a bit of a rut. I love knitting and giving dishcloths and towels, but my own were starting to look a bit sad and worn out. I used to have an enormous bin of chain store type cotton that I’ve been knitting from for over a decade now. The bin has finally dwindled. Which prompted me to join a dishcloth swap in July. Check out my amazing package below.

Over the summer, I’ve been attempting to restock my cotton, linen and hemp supplies with sale yarn from various stores and my online suppliers. Living in the PNW, cotton and hot weather yarns are more challenging to acquire. Trying new yarns, means I’ve also had to test out which needle size I prefer. On dishcloths, I typically prefer a tighter knit since the product may need to do some scrubbing while wet. Below are photos of my test dishcloths. In each photo, the dishcloth on the left used smaller needles.

Here’s the most recent dishcloths/towels I’ve been working on:

  • Christmas in July: this was gifted to my swap partner
  • Watermelons: I’ve already been using this one.
  • Checkerboard I and II: This is a thinner yarn that looks best on US 3 needles. I’ll see how they hold up after a few washings.
  • Dreamcicle Sails: This was a fun knit. Sometimes one just needs to set your yarny sails.
  • Cucina I: This is a housewarming gift. I’m going to pair it with a yellow dishcloth.
  • Seeded Dishcloth: This one I wanted to see how it turned out on a US 4.

In celebration of my last two MM19 projects in my knitting rotation, I’m going to run a give-away where you get to help decide the knitted item. Since this is going to live with one lucky follower, what would you like it to be? This is the first in a serious of polls to help pick the item/color/pattern.

Burt found all the toys! He decided to sleep on them to claim ownership.

How’s your week going?

6 thoughts on “Christmas in July: September Edition

  1. I am also a dishcloth knitter. However, I’ve been focusing on spa cloths. I’ve been pairing a cloth and a bar of homemade soap for Christmas gifts. Burt made me smile! My week has been awful. Spent Wed and Thu without power due to a microburst knocking down six power poles and yesterday and today I have spent without water because of a water main break. I need a vacation.


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