2019 International Ural Ride Day

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. ~ Ernest Hemingway

This weekend was International Ural Ride Day. We decided to spread the love for Ural riding by using it for our errands. It started with a stop for petrol (if you’re British) or the gas station (for those of us in the States).

Next came the library and a stop for blood orange cider and some chocolate stout.

Then came the yarn stop. Honestly, I only intended to buy new needles for a project I wanted to start this week, but the store was running a sale on Malabrigo. How can a Malabrigo Junkie pass on a sale? I restrained myself to two colors I’ve not seen before. Fog is on the left (how can I pass on a PNW color?) On the right, is Living Coral. The photo makes it look rather orange, but it has elements of pink.

Next we had a wander around the local motor sport dealership.

Our last stop was going to be our favorite butchers. We were a few blocks away when tragedy struck.

This is a crummy photo that doesn’t really show what happened, but essentially the hub sheared which means no riding and not something that can be fixed on the side of the road. Or in our case, the gas station parking lot we were able to push Ulysses into from the road.

Fortunately, we were also close to an automotive store that was still open. He referred us to a couple local towing places and offered to help if we couldn’t reach any body. (There are still amazing people out there!) We had to wait a bit longer for a flat bed tow truck, but Ulysses is back home. No updates on how long it’s going to take to fix. I’ll keep you posted.

We had a great day, but it ended on a bit of a sad note. I’m still running the poll for a knitted item. If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time. I think I’ll leave this open for another week yet.

The British Hubby was going through some old files and found baby photos of Ernie and Burt. They were litter mates and have been together their entire lives. In the above photo, they’re exactly 1 month old and still living with their cat mama. I may squeal every time I see this photo. Don’t you want to just put them in your pocket?

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