Snow Day: The Second

When snow falls, nature listens.

There is something about snow that quiets the entire world. The morning commute conditions were actually worse than yesterday’s. Not surprising since it’s about 10 degrees colder than yesterday. Eek, it’s cold!

Today’s view looks pretty similar to yesterday’s. Does it look any colder?

The view out the front window shows the hummingbird food has frozen. Burt and I did see some hummingbirds attempting to eat yesterday. Sorry little birds. Both Burt and Ernie were watching the small neighborhood wrens and chickadees feed. We try to keep the feeders topped up during these chilly months.

One nice aspect of working from home, the British Hubby and I were able to eat breakfast and lunch together. Normally, we only get to share the last meal of the day together, and many days our schedules don’t align for even one shared meal. Today, we’re trying a quest frozen enchilada with Cesar salads made with a sugar free dressing. The enchilada is as good as any other frozen meal. It’s okay in a pinch.

Yesterday, I was able to wind yarn during “commuting” time. Today, the commute conditions were much the same in my pajama (pj) pants. Monday I cast on Snow Day Diagonals and Snow Day Surprise. More snow days equals more casting on, right? I’m off to hunt down my needle supplies. Fingers crossed I have what is needed. A trip to the yarn store is not in the immediate future.

I managed to snag some short videos of it snowing on both yesterday and today. The first is Monday morning.

This is the snow scene this morning:

And here’s what Ernie thinks of all this snow. No snow for him!

Stay warm and safe if this weather is headed your way. It’s still snowing here. We’re scheduled to get another 4 – 6 inches starting at 4:00 pm! I think we might just get more than that.

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