Snow Day: The First

When it snows you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.

It’s the first snow day of 2020. It’s rare my house has snow in January. Yes, it’s winter and it’s cold, but normally the snow level stays at a higher elevation. Traditionally, we’ve not been house bound until February, but an arctic storm front came through with below average temperatures and snow. Here’s the winter scene we found upon waking:

And here’s a lovely view across the front yard:

This is the lovely view out the front window. Fortunately, the British Hubby and I are able to work from home. Burt and I are watching the hummingbirds this morning.

Temperatures are expected to steadily drop with the potential for increased snow fall over the next few days. It’s possible today won’t be the only snow day. It seems only fitting our Monday theme song be “Let It Snow” by Michael Buble.

Taking complete advantage of my snow day, I was able to make a pot of tomato soup. This winter classic has a few adaptations to make it more keto friendly. First, I made the roux with a combination of ground flax seed and coconut flour. I know the roux photo doesn’t look that appetizing. Next, I added tomato puree and omitted any and all sugar. We also added some herbed goat cheese to my bowl. Yum!

It’s amazing how much more efficient I am working from home. My commute time was put to good use making a pot of soup and winding yarn.

Naturally, snow days are for casting on a new project or two. I went with shades of blue and some fun new stitch markers.

Burt and I had a grand time winding yarn this afternoon. If you’re experience inclement weather, stay warm and don’t drive if it isn’t safe. I’m off to make some new project pages.

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