Friday Night Heist

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” ~ The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1939.

The snow has mostly melted. Okay, we actually still have quite a bit left, but the road conditions have cleared up enough to travel into work. Commuting sure does cut down on my knitting and snuggling time. Snow or no snow Friday night typically includes a fun movie and a pizza. As streaming services become better, the British Hubby and I have started watching fun shows from our childhoods. As you can imagine, we didn’t have access to the same shows growing up.

Image result for the sweeney

We’ve been working our way through a 70’s British Classic, The Sweeney. The 2012 movie was inspired by this TV show. The theme song is quite catchy. We sing it while making our Friday night pizza.

The car chases are great fun. The Jaguar below even drifted a bit.

Image result for the sweeney

And we can’t forget all the classic cars from the 1970’s. I love John Thaw from Inspector Morse. In that police procedural show, Morse lives in Oxford and drives a red Jag. Thaw portrays very similar jobs in both police shows, but the characters are rather different. It’s quite the contrast.

Image result for the sweeney

The Sweeney is a great way to end the work week. We’re working our way through season one via BritBox. It goes great with my Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout and 2020 dishcloth.

The kitties theme for 2020 seems to be The Three Amigos. Burt and Gracie have always had this love hate relationship where they would randomly hiss and growl at each other even though they’ve spent 97% of their lives together. About 6 months ago, we noticed the kitty family all sleeping together on the bed.

Now it appears, sleeping together is the new norm. Should I be worried they’re actually plotting to half-inch a lorry full of tuna? (Half-inch is Cockney rhyming slang for pinch which means to steal.)

How is your weekend going? Any binge worthy shows or good movies?

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