Rain Rain Go Away

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. ~ Bob Marley

Wow, what an odd winter we’re having. Below normal temperatures than above normal temperatures. Snow when we don’t normally have snow. And January had 28 days of rain out of 31. Eek, that’s a lot of rain. Most people think it rains all the time in the PNW. That’s simply not true. The top 10 wettest cities in the US are all in the South. Yes, we do see quite a bit of mist and drizzle, but the actual total rainfall amounts are minimal.

Fortunately, we live up hill from a storm drainage pond. Normally, it’s empty or has a few puddles. Above you can see just how full it is. My neighborhood is several decades old with houses about the same age as me. This is the fullest it’s ever been since being created. I think the rain is going to slow before this over flows.

Other places won’t be quite so lucky as the rain from higher elevations rushes down stream. The footage above and below are from the British Hubby’s lunch time walk. This flooding will probably worsen over the next few days.

There’s been so much rainfall this week I decided we needed two theme songs. The first is a great 80’s classic Here Comes the Rain Again.

The second is one of my all time favorite rainy day songs, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Gracie is preparing in case we need to flee in boats. How is she kidding? She hates getting wet. Wonder how she feels about kitty wellies?

There really are so many great hits about the rain. It was hard to pick just two. I’m going to leave you with a music legend Prince and Purple Rain.

May your weekend be filled with Purple Rain and kitty snuggles.

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