The Last Monday of MM20

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. ~ Edwin Elliot

It’s March 30. That means I have less than 48 hours to cast on any last minute Malabrigo March projects! For awhile it was looking like I was going to run out of available needles, but then I discovered a hidden stash. (Okay, it wasn’t hidden. I may have forgotten about it.)

Sorry about the terrible inside photo, but the weather today wouldn’t corporate.

Sorry about the terrible inside photo above, but mother nature had it’s own plans for today that didn’t include an outside photo shoot. So far, I have 19 projects. Two are completed and three relatively close to the finish line. I think quite a few of these will be finished in April. Others may take a little longer, but this could be the year I actually finish all my projects. MM19 came very close.

  1. Sunspot Squared – Verano in Sunspot. The pattern is Hip 2B Square. DONE!
  2. Plum Flowers – Verano in Plum. The pattern is Springing Up Flowers. DONE!
  3. Summertime O’ Love – Verano in Summertime. The pattern is Baby Bib O’Love. The knitting is done on this. I just need to weave in ends and sew on a button. This will be part of a gift set I’m working on for a new mom.
  4. Malabrigo Delight – I’m using Impatient Pink and Summertime in Verano to make Delightful Dishcloth. I used the two tail method using both yarns to cast on. It made a rather interesting stripe. This is part of a set for a new mom.
  5. Summertime Burb Cloth – This is the last part of a gift set using Verano in Impatient Pink and Summertime. The pattern is Baby Genius Burb Cloth.
  6. Cosmic Isabel – Rasta in Cosmos. The pattern is Isabel from Time for Hats! I’m ready to start the crown decreases.
  7. Mattise Lotus – This is the first hat in a series I’m making for Hats not Hate. I’m using Rios in Mattise Blue or I think that’s the color.
  8. Azules Ripples – Hat number 2 for Hats not Hate. This is Rios in Azules.
  9. Cian Fish Food – Hat number 3 for Hats not Hate. This is Rios in Cian.
  10. Woven Spiderman – The British Hubby didn’t have any cast on’s for him so he’s getting a new hat. The pattern is Jacinta with Mechita in Granada.
  11. Dear Malabrigo – Washted in Pearl. The pattern is Dear Prudence from the book Scarves Two Ways. This is a fun twist on a ribbing scarf.
  12. Malabrigo Grace – Susurro in Fucsia. The pattern is Grace Scarf. This yarn is amazing to knit with. I see more of this base in my future.
  13. Heirloom Squirrels – It wouldn’t be Malabrigo March without a new pair of bed socks. I love Washted. The pattern is Little Squirrel with Washted in Heirloom Vegetables and Archangel. I decided these should have contrasting cuffs and toes.
  14. Caprino Gardens – The British Hubby always finds interesting books for gifts. Scarves Two Ways has some really unique patterns. The pattern is Hong Kong Gardens. I’m trying out a new Malabrigo base Caprino in Pearl. I think this was my longest cast on ever at 495 stitches!
  15. Dewberry After Dark – I’ve wanted to knit this robe for over a decade, but could never find just the right yarn. And it wouldn’t be Malabrigo March if I didn’t cast on something in Dewberry. The pattern is After-Dark Robe.
  16. Alpine Badlands – Worsted in Alpine Pearl. The pattern is Worsted Badlands Mitts. I haven’t made much progress on these.
  17. Arco Aviatrix – I decided to cast on some gifts for the Fall. This is one of my favorite baby hats. The pattern is Aviatrix Hat in Arroyo color Arco Iris.
  18. Obsidian Grace – I’m loving the Grace scarf so much, I cast on another one for me.
  19. Silky Amaranto – Silky Merino in Nocturnal. The pattern is Amaranto Cowl.

I could try to squeeze out a few more projects. For instance I know the aviatrix hat will eventually become a gift set for another new mom, but I haven’t worked out what colors to use. Maybe I’ll save those for April.

It’s been awhile since we had a Monday theme song. Rainy days and Mondays by the Carpenters seemed like a good idea for today.

Hope your week is off to a great start. I might just see if I have time for another cast on or two. Burt and Ernie have the right idea. It’s snuggles time!

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