The Return of B Movie Night

“I’m a washed-up ham. And not the kind you hope for when you’re stranded on a desert island.” ~ Calculon from Futurama

Now seemed like the perfect time to bring back Friday Night B Movie Night. Snuggling up with your family members to watch some bad sci-fi movie is a great escape from the craziness of reality. (Sure, you could argue that reality could actual be a bad sci-fi movie right now. Some how watching a black and white makes it okay.) We found a great one for last night, The Earth Dies Screaming.

The Earth Dies Screaming - Wikipedia

This is a fantastic alien invasion movie where you have no idea what’s happening for quite some time into the movie. Then it turns out the alien invasion is actually alien robots (or robutts as the British Hubby and I like to call them)!

Scene from The Earth Dies Screaming (1964) - YouTube

I suspect these are early invaders from the Borg Collective. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but it was an amazing B movie ending!

Cheers to the end of another week!

It also seemed like a good idea to bring back our Friday Night Let’s Celebrate Life toasts! Now is the time to celebrate the small positive moments and the little successes in life. Those moments that make you smile. You know the ones most of us took for granted a few months ago. No judgement here. I was as guilty as the next person, but now is the time to find gratitude. Like remembering how amazing a Bonnie Prince Charlie drink is even when I don’t have the lemon on hand. Cheers!

We’ve tried several different low-carb or cauliflower crust pizzas. This is the one we like the best. Sure we add extra toppings, but all frozen pizzas need extra toppings. Lately, we’ve been getting creative with the toppings partly for variety and partly in an attempt to have zero food waste. Here we’re using sausage, mushrooms and garlic cheese curds along with some extra crushed garlic on the top. Wow, is it amazing and still keto/low carb friendly.

Burt loves movie night snuggles.

No new MM20 projects to report at this time. I have four days left to beat my cast-on challenge from 2019. I’m off to check my needle supply. Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

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