The Last Monday in April

Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April day. ~ W. H. Gibson

Spring days in April can have all four seasons mixed in or it can rain at the drop of a hat even when there are now clouds in sight. Normally, I like to do a weekly group shot of all the Malabrigo March projects, but the weather and my day job just aren’t going to cooperate today. I did manage to complete another project this week. That’s 4 of 22 done. Sure, it’s another dishcloth, but I’m making space to work on some longer projects. Many of these are in the meaty part of the project where it looks like I’m not making much progress, but I really am.

  1. Raining Harlequins Done!
  2. Lemon Wedge Grid – This yarn is so cheerful. Four repeats completed.
  3. Malabrigo Grace – Susurro in Fucsia. The pattern is Grace Scarf. This is 1/3 of the way to completion.
  4. Heirloom Squirrels – The pattern is Little Squirrel with Washted in Heirloom Vegetables and Archangel. I’m still working on the leg of sock 1.
  5. Summertime Burb Cloth – I’m about half way on this one.
  6. Arco Aviatrix – Five sections completed so far.
  7. Dear Malabrigo – I’m working on pattern repeat number six. Soon, I’ll need to join the second skein of yarn.
  8. Mattise Lotus – This is the first hat in a series I’m making for Hats not Hate. This is very close to being done. It could just be the next completed project!
  9. Dewberry After Dark – I finally finished 3.5 inches of seed stitch and am on to the stockinette portion on the back!
  10. Caprino Gardens – This is the newest project to be added into my knitting rotation. The pattern is Hong Kong Garden. This is my longest cast on yet with 495 stitches! And I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of yarn before I change colors!
  11. What will the next project be to join the knitting rotation?

Last week, I realized I had made an error on the two scarves I’m working on. The wraps are supposed to go around three times. I tried it on a 495 row and decided I didn’t like three wraps and took it out. Yes, it does take some time to tink back that many stitches. I’m quite happy with the way one wrap looks in the more traditional Dear Malabrigo Scarf, but I wasn’t sure if I liked one or two wraps for Caprino Gardens. I ultimately decided to have them look different which mean two wraps for Caprino Gardens. I’m definitely going to run out of yarn!

I’ve been trying out at least one new recipe every week when I can. One amazing aspect of working from home, I can make something like 2-minute lemon poppyseed mug muffins from Easy Keto Breakfasts. It seems like I’m mentioning this book all the time, and I am for good reason. It’s amazing. Okay, I also love eating breakfast foods any time of the day. And the breakfast foods I crave are notorious for being loaded with carbs and sugar like waffles, hash browns, muffins and bagels. I’m not going to lie, I’ve dreamed about pizza bagels stuffed with tatter-tots and hash browns. Fortunately, this recipe makes 2 so the British Hubby was able to try some.

I think Burt has the right idea. Monday’s can be hard especially when you want to eat bagels stuffed with hash browns!

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