Working from Home: Week 10

Life is a challenge, we must take it. ~ Mother Teresa

Another week has gone by. We’re still working from home and social distancing and wearing masks and gloves and quarantining items as needed. Our stay at home orders have been extended through the end of May with some very limited restrictions being lifted. Different states are doing different things. Some places are using science, data and expert advice while others are going off gut feelings and what’s best for share holders. Sure, I cried after the announcement last week that the stay at home orders were being extended, but logically I understand it’s what’s needed to slow the spread, control the rising death count and help health care workers. Logic and emotions often mix as well as oil and water, and the last thing I would want is for my actions to cause someone else to die because I was contagious and didn’t know it. (Don’t worry, myself, the British Hubby and the kitties are still healthy.) Let’s have compassion for our fellow humans.

Last night we had a proper thunderstorm with lightening and thunder. We don’t often get these in the PNW. It’s something I miss from my childhood in the Midwest. The plants certainly do love the rain. The British Hubby found a small patch of Forget-Me-Nots in our yard, and our lilac has bloomed this week.

Our indoor garden is doing well so far. The first celery island is ready to be planted. Sunny, Cher and the gang are thriving. It won’t be long before the first sunflowers are ready to go outside. And last week, we decided to see what happens if we tried regrowing our mushroom steams. What should we try growing next? I have one or two more ideas. Okay, it might be three or four more ideas, but I’m running out of window space.

This week I tried keto pizza stuffed peppers. I must admit this was the first time making stuffed peppers from scratch. I’ve bought the poke and ping just pop’em in the oven version many many times. I even made my own pizza sauce and cooked some chicken to up the protein. These were a huge hit and even better as left overs when all the flavors have a chance to marinate together.

As Spring time means warmer temperatures, we’ve started opening up the back door and windows more often. The kitties love smelling the wild!

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