Where Did Monday Go?

Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. ~ Alice Walker

Wow, what happened to Monday? I knew I had quite a bit on my plate from the day job, but I blinked and the day was gone. I had intended to do a Malabrigo March update, but I just ran out of time. One project is down to the finishing touches. It had a nice relaxing soak and just needs to finish drying so I can add the last little bobble.

  1. Lemon Wedge Grid – This yarn is so cheerful. Five repeats completed.
  2. Malabrigo Grace – Susurro in Fucsia. The pattern is Grace Scarf. It doesn’t feel like this is growing, but I know it is.
  3. Heirloom Squirrels – The pattern is Little Squirrel with Washted in Heirloom Vegetables and Archangel. I’m about an inch away from starting the heel.
  4. Summertime Burb Cloth – I’m about half way on this one.
  5. Arco Aviatrix – The main part of the hat is complete! Could this be the next completed project?
  6. Dear Malabrigo – Okay, I may not have made any progress on this one.
  7. Mattise Lotus – This is the first hat in a series I’m making for Hats not Hate. This is very close to being done. It could just be the next completed project!
  8. Dewberry After Dark – This is really starting to grow now that I’m done with seed stitch. Wow, that was painful!
  9. Caprino Gardens – Yep, I ran out of yarn. Fortunately I found another skein and it arrived this week!
  10. Obsidian Grace – This is a repeat of Malabrigo Grace except this one is for me in Susurro colorway Obsidian.

Wow, it seems like I’ve only got long term projects going right now. The next new project I add in will be a quicker knit.

This weekend I had a chance to try out another new recipe from Easy Keto Breakfasts, Sour Cream Biscuits. These actually remind me of a savory muffin. Yum! I added dill seasoning to mine, and probably should have filled each one with a little less. They may not be picture perfect, but they sure are scrumptious.

My coworkers today slept and then slept some more.

Isn’t Burt cute?

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