Dirty Harry and Magnum Force

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?” ~ Dirty Harry 1971

This is one of those movie quotes that people know even if they’ve never seen these movies. In talking about famous movie quotes, the British Hubby and I discovered there are five Dirty Harry movies. We had both seen various clips from these films, but neither of us had watched all five movies reel to reel. It seemed like the perfect thing for our next several Friday night movie nights.

Dirty Harry Poster
Magnum Force Poster

These are classic rogue cop movies. Dirty Harry follows a cop that is called in for all the dirty jobs no one else wants to talk. These are action packed movies.

Classic Movie Review: 'Dirty Harry' (1971) - mxdwn Movies

Magnum Force was equally suspenseful tackling the story of vigilante cops and criminals that are let free on technicalities. Does justice serve any one or are cops above the law? Police brutality, racism, sexism and let’s not forget the pollution of the 70’s are not ideas we support or endorse, but we can’t ignore the past simply because we disagree with it.

Kip Niven Dead: 'Magnum Force' Rogue Cop And Veteran Of ...

Dirty Harry is a big character. He’s handsome, charismatic and he scouls. We decided our Friday night pizza should match. It started with the traditional pepperoni and mushrooms. Then we found some bacon bits, diced onions, chopped chicken and two types of cheese. It’s a Clint Eastwood sized pizza. I added BBQ sauce and stout to my meal.

While I have numerous projects to work on, I started something new this weekend. Pacific Sky Scarf is a one skein project using the drop stitch pattern. Logically, I know I should work on my MM20 projects or the various blankets, but I also want to keep some of the local yarn stores going. This spring various knitting conventions and yarn tours have been cancelled in the area. I know this is happening world wide. A few local shops have focused on one skein projects to help keep their business viable during the curbside or delivery only times. Normally, I would budget for a day or evening out to check out a few yarn stores, the yarns they were highlighting and a local eatery. This year online shopping is how I can support these local businesses. I also suspect handmade items and gifts are going to become more meaningful than ever before. This is a perfect pattern to gift. It’s fun to watch the colors change and easy to memorize. Great for movie knitting.

Burt makes a great model for the Pacific Sky Scarf. If your interested in purchase details for the dropped stitch scarf, check out my new contact page or email me.

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