Mini Malabrigo March Break

Knitting makes the good times better and the hard times easier.

Normally, this would be a Malabrigo March update on my progress this past few weeks. While I do have a little progress to show, I’ve decided to hold off that update until next week. Partially because I had to stop to knit an LFC Aviatrix hat. When a fellow LFC fan is having their first baby, what else would one make? This little chap will never walk alone. Check out the cute button I found!

I couldn’t resist an official LFC sleeper and one of my favorite books to gift, Shall I knit you a Hat? I love giving children’s books about knitting because most families are unlikely to have these stories. It also exposes children to crafting from an early age.

I’m adding in a few container garden updates so my weekly updates are too long. Wow, my windowsill garden is taking off. Last week, we were concerned about the Barbs. One survived and one did not, but both Ruby and Barb had a new leaf sprout this week. (Last week’s photo is on the left, and this week’s is on the right.) I also sprouted some new seeds last week. You can just see them sprouting this week.

The first time I sprouted seeds, I didn’t have little seedling containers. That means we had to transplant some of the sunflowers which I think could be part of the reason these two aren’t strong enough to support their leaves, but you can see they are thriving with a greener stem and more leaves. (Again, last week is on the left, and the progress photo is on the right.) I may have gone a little over board with all the varieties of sunflowers available, but I just couldn’t help myself. The little container with four dividers has purple ones! So far, I have at least two more sunflower varieties to try with more on the way!

I didn’t get a great photo of the avocados last week. I’m really not sure what’s happening with these guys. Could the little brown spots be potential shoots? I have no idea. We’re in the be patient phase where in 2 – 8 weeks there will be changes. It hasn’t quite been two full weeks yet so we’ll keep waiting.

This week, I tried Italian sliders with Swiss cheese, salami, pizza sauce and my sour cream biscuits. My lunch menu sure has been elevated by these guys. It’s a great way to clean up any leftovers and still be low carbs.

I think Ernie’s shelter in place has evolved to, “I’m king of the world!” Or maybe, “I’m top kitty!”

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