Working from Home: Week 12

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

When I started using this title and updating the number, I really thought it was a boring title for a blog post. What’s going to attract readers attention? Nothing! Now, it’s the only way I can remember how long I’ve been working from home. What’s changed since last week? While we still remain in shelter in place, the more rural parts of the state are moving to phase 2 with the proper precautions. The British Hubby has been informed he will be working from home until at least 2021. Heavily populated areas of the state are now required to wear masks at all times in public. We’re still wearing masks, gloves and sometimes head coverings (that’s really more about how bad our hair looks). We’re still quarantining items as needed. This week I’ve started rocking my mini pig tails as my pixie cut is becoming a bob style.

This week our kitchen scrap garden has taken off. I’m realizing I probably should have planted some of these in dirt or containers already, but this was a new adventure for us. We’re on a bit of a learning curve here. We started some new leeks and the older ones look like they could flower? I’m guessing we could end up with leek seeds? The plan is to plant these this weekend and see what happens.

The romaine lettuce seems to be thriving. On the left is a photo after about 26 hours. On the right is about five days of growth. Again, I know I can keep these in just water, but I’m wondering if it would do better in the ground or some soil?

Next we have the celery. The British Hubby thought Cecilia’s growth has slowed down, but when you compare it to last week’s photo you can see the stalks are much higher. Sally the slow poke is trying to burst out some leaves.

The sunflowers are thriving. I’ve been putting them on the deck when the weather permits. It won’t be long before our first batch of sunflowers will be ready to plant in the ground. Exciting stuff! I have several more varieties I want to try sprouting yet.

This week we discovered Viking cats. It’s not surprising the Vikings had cats. They’re great for rodent control. I can see Burt traveling on a boat with the sea air in his fur.

Burt found yet another new place to shelter in place. This one has a high pouncability rating as shown below.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands.

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