A Better Tomorrow

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” ~ Braveheart

Action movies are great in every culture. A Better Tomorrow is an outstanding Hong Kong action film. While it may seem like a hooky 80’s action flick, it’s number two on the 100 Best Chinese Motion Pictures.

A Better Tomorrow (1986) - IMDb

This movie may have boxy cars, bad hair, shoulder pads and electric drums, but the story line between family bonds and good vs. evil is rather compelling. The fight scenes have a completely different feel than the shoot outs in Dirty Harry. The fast paced style, makes it feel as if the actors are performing a ballet. It has a flare or finesse that American action films lack. This movie is worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

A Better Tomorrow streaming: where to watch online?

The British Hubby has honed his pizza making skills over the past few weeks. That’s probably a good thing since movie theatres are going to struggle to reopen in the COVID-19 world. Maybe drive-in theatres will make a come back?

This was a great movie for knitting a pattern I already had memorized. It was perfect to finish Pacific Sky Scarf especially since I needed to send it off for a birthday gift this week. My goal was the gifts to figure out which skein I liked best to make one for myself. I really love the blues.

Burt’s helping me model a MM20 project. It’s so soft. Perfect for a snuggle.

Looking for a way to help, you can support Black Lives Matter and/or the ACLU.

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