Friday Night Double Feature

“There’s no place like home.” ~ The Wizard of Oz

After Clint Eastwood movies we started watching Hong Kong Action movies. These are fantastic, but a bit violent. The shoot outs and combat is much more theatrical, but there is so much collateral damage. In the current world climate, it’s hard to watch so many innocent people die.

This Friday we featured A Better Tomorrow II and The Killer. A Better Tomorrow II reminded me a bit of The Godfather series. You just don’t mess with people’s family.

A Better Tomorrow II (1987) YIFY - Download Movie TORRENT - YTS

John Woo directed both these action films. We are rapidly becoming John Woo fans.

A Better Tomorrow II

The Killer was not meant to be funny, but the version we had was dubbed. It’s really odd to watch a movie that has the wrong accents. Using American voice actors feels like we’ve Americanized this movie. That just makes us sad. We don’t want an American version of foreign films. We want the foreign film the way it was intended.

A Killer Bromance | Drew's Soapbox

Find a non-dubbed version of this film. It’s worth watching.

We made a few adjustments to our Friday night pizza. Our oven is still down so we tried using the grill. Our veggie grilling basket has become a makeshift pizza stone. The downside was we couldn’t pile on the toppings since they would fall off the sides. I think we found a solution for next week’s pizza.

While we cleaned out the freezer, we unearthed a few long forgotten frozen pieces of meat. Normally, I think it’s fine to use items past the use by date especially if it’s been frozen. These items had a use by date when there was a different American president in office and were extremely freezer burnt. We decided to treat the kitties. The cats love raw food so why wouldn’t they enjoy a steak? Cats are carnivores!

Gracie update: Her radioactive treatment is on Thursday morning. She has become very talkative and friendly. We can also tell she’s eating more and sleeping less. It’s not the same as when Ernie was treated, but his T4 level was much higher in the semi aggressive stage with a tumor. Gracie has no tumor yet.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Double Feature

    • Now that Gracie is a senior kitty, the vets want blood work done every year. Her T4 level is well above normal, but it’s still in the early stages so she had no other real symptoms of hyperthyroidism. We wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t done any blood work.

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