Working from Home: Week 20

Responsibility is the price of greatness. ~ Winston Churchill

Another week has passed. I can’t quite believe I’ve been primarily working from home for the past 20 weeks. With cases and deaths continuing to rise in the US, it is hard to believe things will change at least in this state any time soon. Each state has been left to make their own decisions. We can see how well that’s working out for places like Texas, California and Florida. This week, we found a unique site for making hand knit garments from rubber bands. Why waste those rubber bands on your sling shot? Why not make a dress or robe instead? I bet that is might heavy to wear. Or maybe, this fashion and a workout? That’s efficient.

While watching a recent LFC match, I noticed a few players sporting LFC masks. Not surprising, but it made me wonder if these were available for the masses. Mine arrived this week. I’m all set for staying safe and supporting my favorite team. You can get yours here.

This week in the backyard garden it was time to for the lemon tree and rhubarb to get bigger pots. I’ve been letting them have morning sunshine so they don’t get burnt in the hot afternoon sun. Time will tell if that’s the right decision.

An exciting development in sunflower world, we have the first hint of color! I purchased a variety of seeds so it’s going to be a sunflower surprise each time one blooms. This is the first hint of color, and I have an appropriate sunflower dishcloth.

We decided to keep the sunflowers in pots on the deck to make our backyard more festive. On the plus side, I can see these from my home workstation in the dinning area. I expected this would keep the sunflowers for growing huge, but this one is almost taller than me and has multiple blooms. Will these be yellow too?

This has been a great learning experience for me. I have plenty of seeds for next year. I’m already starting to stockpile bigger plant containers to fill our deck with even more sunflowers next summer. We still have a few plants from our birdseed. What I can see is these plants are much smaller than the seeds I purchased for planting. The stems are smaller, and the blooms are smaller. I’m interested to see if that’s because it came from my bird seed mix? If I harvest these seeds, will the plants get bigger over time?

Ernie Update: It’s been about three days since Ernie had a tooth pulled and a professional cleaning. Still 10 more days to go before he can have raw food again. Yesterday, he was much more like himself sleeping in the normal sleep spots and watching our backyard wildlife. He has a few more days of pain medication. He’s currently rocking a bald patch on his arm. You can just make it out on the photo above.

2 thoughts on “Working from Home: Week 20

  1. We purchased face masks that show our team pride for the Detroit Lions. I think that’s how the government should market the masks and challenge people who won’t wear masks; support your team!

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