Dr. No

“Bond. James Bond.” ~ Dr. No

After watching Hong Kong action movies for several weeks, moving to the Bond films seemed like the natural next step. Dr. No is the first of 24 Bond movies with number 25, No Time to Die, expected in November of this year.

Dr. No (1962) - Rotten Tomatoes

This movie has some very iconic moments that are well known in pop culture still.

Dr. No (1962) Movie Review | CineFiles Movie Reviews

And we can thank the 60’s for this amazing Caribbean underwater villain lair.

Roman's Movie Reviews and Musings: Dr. No (1962)

Bond is so amazing. He can squeal tires during a car chase on a gravel road. He can make beautiful women appear as if by magic. And he’s just so charming, charismatic and handsome! It’s no wonder he’s Britain’s secret weapon. Other countries just can’t compete. Even the music makes you swoon a bit.

In honor of our newest movie series, the British Hubby got a little wild with our Friday night pizza. You might not think curry sausage on your pizza would be amazing.

How very wrong you would be. I can’t decide if curry sausage, bacon or garlic cheese curds are my favorite pizza toppings. They all help transform a cauliflower crust pizza into a gourmet meal. It goes great with the kwik stout.

And I started the next drop stitch scarf. These are really addicting. Burt’s modeling Great Reef.

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