Mystery Month!

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. ~ Oscar Wilde

July is Mystery Month on Britbox. Not surprising, we watch quite a bit of British produced television and movies. I love how they do mysteries especially the historical period ones. I was going to start a list of my all time favorites, but it was too long. I simply love them all from Morse to Miss Marple to Father Brown to Foyle’s War to River to Luther to Midsummer Murders. I could go on and on. Did I mention I love them all? Britbox has several I’ve not seen yet. I’m trying to watch them all, but I do actually have to work when I’m working from home. (Disappointingly, I cannot simply knit, snuggle Ernie and watch mysteries with my cuppa all day while earning a paycheck.) Here’s a great trailer. If you have any suggestions, put them in the comments section. I love getting new ideas from my followers.

Ernie wasn’t too happy about how his day went on Tuesday. The pink bandage was the first problem.

Ernie Update: He’s been home now just over 24 hours. Last night was rough on us all. Ernie was clearly still stoned from the going under for his tooth. He had a little trouble eating at first mostly because his favorite food was missing. Since he had a tooth pulled, he can’t have any raw food for two weeks to help his gums heal. Raw food could potentially have bacteria that could infect a mouth wound. It’s unlikely, but why take the risk? In 13 days, he can eat it again. The first hurdle was walking with a bandage. Fortunately, he only had to wear that for the first 20 minutes he was home. The next hurdle was attempting to sleep. He was clearly exhausted and felt “off.” He kept falling asleep with his eyes open with this dazed look on his face. The British Hubby and I ended up holding him most of the night to help calm him down. Once he had his first dose of pain medication, he was able to settle down a bit better.

You can sort of see Ernie’s funny walk with the hot pink bandage. I think the color looks good on him even though he disagrees.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Month!

  1. I should get BritBox as I love all the Brit Mysteries too! Suggestion: not British (per se…it’s Australian) but have you already watched the Phrynie Fisher mysteries? And on PBS I’ve been getting notices about one I haven’t heard of yet: Frankie Drake mysteries? Anyway, enjoy the shows! 😀 Give Ernie a scritch on the cheek from me!

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    • Thanks, Kate. I have heard of the Phrynie Fisher mysteries, but haven’t watched it yet. Frankie Drake is new to me. I’ll check them out. I think all the Common Wealth mysteries are fantastic or at least worth checking out a few episodes. Ernie is starting to be his normal self as the drugs wear off. He still has a few days of pain meds left to go.


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