Working from Home: Week 23

Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning. ~ Winston Churchill

The past week, I’ve seen about a dozen deer roam through our back yard and neighborhood. Mostly have been doe, but we did spot two bucks. We also saw an amazing rust colored bobcat. I now considered it a bad day if I didn’t spot at least one hummingbird and dragon fly. And at least once a week, I notice a bunny running up the road. Where to? I have no idea. I know wildlife are taking back spaces during the pandemic, but I can’t help but wonder if my neighborhood was always this active, and I was just too caught up in my own bubble to notice. We spend so much time looking at screens and not being part of the world around us. We miss so much.

Since it was Primary elections this month and voting by mail is a hot topic, I thought this was timely. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in this state for about 10 years now. I’ve voted in 5 states. When we moved here, I was pleasantly surprised how easy this process can be. I registered when we changed our driving license. The ballot comes in the mail along with a local voter’s guide that discusses each issue. I have three weeks to vote. I can look up the issues or candidates on my own timeline and discuss topics with the British Hubby. No need to worry about missing work or getting to the poll on time. I can even track my ballot online to make sure it’s been counted. I actually feel more involved than ever before because I have time to research local issues/candidates, and I vote in all the primaries. Let’s be honest, I often forgot about some of the smaller elections. All I have to remember is to return it on time. Not once have I had to deal with voter fraud.

This week in the garden my rhubarb has taken off. Remember, when I was worried it wasn’t going to make it? We’ve come a long way. Now, we’re looking for the best place to plant it in our yard with morning sun and afternoon shade.

Our lemon tree has a new friend. One of the seeds has sprouted, but the first seedling also has a new sprout. We’ve had much debate this week over the possibility of me sprouting and potting a weed. I’ve had a few laughs at this prospect, but we’re no closer to confirmation. If you have any ideas, please comment below.

No new sunflower varieties have bloomed yet. It really does take a sunflower head quite a long time to develop. I can’t decide if I prefer a single big flower or the plants with multiple blooms. What’s even more fascinating is the depth of colors in the same variety. One Indian Blanket has very pale yellow blooms and the next one is vibrant yellow and rust. Both equally beautiful.

Gracie Update: It’s been about 39 days since we brought her home from having her hyperthyroid treated with radiation at FHTC. On Monday, Gracie had her 1 month check-up. We had to wait a little longer for an appointment with our favorite vet. (I love our veterinary clinic, but one of the vets just gets cats better than the others.) I am pleased to announce Gracie’s thyroid level is back in the normal range. The rest of her blood results are great. Next we wait for the three month check up.

Hope your week is going well. Welcome to August!

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